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Get Custom Fields from vCenter Events via PowerCLI

by Mohamed Imthiyaz
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As we run our VMware environment, monitoring vCenter events is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy environment. Luckily, with VMware PowerCLI, you can easily retrieve the details of these events and analyze them for insights and troubleshooting purposes.

To begin, connect to your vCenter server with the Connect-VIServer cmdlet. From there, you can use the Get-VIEvent cmdlet to retrieve a list of all the events that have occurred in your environment.

Each event includes critical information such as the event type, date and time, task, target, user, and event type ID. You can use this information to troubleshoot issues and optimize your environment for peak performance.

# Connect to vCenter Server
Connect-VIServer -Server <vCenter_Server_Name> -User <Username> -Password <Password>

# Get vCenter Events
$events = Get-VIEvent

# Loop through each event and display the details
foreach ($event in $events) {
    Write-Output "Description: $($event.FullFormattedMessage)"
    Write-Output "Type: $($event.GetType().Name)"
    Write-Output "Date Time: $($event.CreatedTime)"
    Write-Output "User: $($event.UserName)"
    Write-Output "----------------------"

# Disconnect from vCenter Server
Disconnect-VIServer -Confirm:$false

By using a foreach loop, you can iterate through each event and display the details using the Write-Output cmdlet. However, it’s important to note that some events may not have a task description available. In these cases, you can use an if statement to check if the Info property is null before calling the GetDescription() method.

You can modify the script to add/remove any values from Events for your use case

Hope this helps.

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