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Deploy and Configure VMware Chargeback for VCD – Part 1

by Mohamed Imthiyaz

VMware Chargeback or TenantApp is a handy appliance that enables service providers to efficiently manage and allocate costs within their VMware Cloud Director environments. I will demonstrate the steps required to deploy and configure VMware Chargeback and vROPs Operation Manager specifically for service providers.

High-Level Architecture

My Lab

VCF: 5.0

VCD: 10.5

Step 1: Prerequisites: Before initiating the deployment process, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • VMware Cloud Director is installed and configured.
  • VMware Chargeback OVA – Can be downloaded from VMware Marketplace
  • VMware vRealize Operations OVA – Can be downloaded from VMware Customerconnect
  • Necessary permissions to deploy and configure Chargeback along with vROPs.

Step 2: Deploying VMware vRealize Operations Manager:

  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client.
  2. Deploy the vROPs OVA using the vSphere Web Client, specifying configuration details during the deployment.
  3. Configure network settings and ensure proper connectivity.

Wait for the OVA to deploy and power on the VM

Navigate to https://vROPS-IP you just deployed.

Go with New Installation -> Follow the prompts

Go Next give the password for admin and next it may take a few minutes.

I am not configuring multiple nodes, so skipping HA configuration.


Once it’s up, Click on Start vRealize Operation and wait for the cluster to come online.

Now go to https://voprs-IP/ui and complete the setup.

Accept the EULA, enter your License Key, CEIP (Optional), and complete the setup!

Step 3: Configuring vRealize Operations

Login using the admin credentials that we just set up in the last step.

Go to Administrator -> Global settings and set your currency


Click on Data Sources -> Integrations -> Add Cloud Account -> vCenter

Add your vCenter and next would be adding VCD but since vROPs by default doesn’t have VCD repo we have to download and install it from Marketplace, the same place where we downloaded OVA. I am using vRealize Operations Management Pack for VMware Cloud Director 8.10.2

Once you have downloaded the Pack go to Repository -> ADD -> Browse the downloaded pack -> Upload -> Next -> Install

Add the VCD account the same way we added VC.

Now moving on to Deploying and Configuring VMware Chargeback/vRealize Operations Tenant App for VMware Cloud Director

Check out Part 2

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