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Deploy and Configure VMware Chargeback for VCD – Part 2

by Mohamed Imthiyaz

Step 4 – Deploying VMware Chargeback

  1. Log in to the vCenter.
  2. Deploy the Chargeback OVA, specifying configuration details during the deployment. Can be downloaded from VMware Marketplace
  3. Configure network settings and ensure proper connectivity.

Note: Use IP and not FQDN while deploying

Follow the prompts and deploy the OVA

Power on the Chargeback VM once it has been deployed

Step 5 – Login and Configure Chargeback

Go to the IP address configured for chargeback https://chargeback-IP

Select vCloud Director and Finish and login with the vRops credentials we set in step2

Once you log in you will see a Popup to configure vRealize Operations credentials on Chargeback. Click ok and Navigate to Admin Setting -> Integrations -> vRealize Operations

Now go to Admin Setting -> Access Management and Enable Plugin access for your ORG. You can also create a local user for a ORG from Manager Users Tab

Step 6 – Configure VCD Tenant UI

Admin Setting -> Support

Do and Test connection -> Accept the certificate and Start this will register the plugin.

Now Login to VCD provider -> Customize Portal -> Publish the Operations Plugin for all the tenants or the tenant you wish to.

Now you can log in to VCD from the tenant portal More -> and click Operations Manager

Hope this helps in configuring your Chargeback!


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