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What happens if vSphere with Tanzu License expires

by Mohamed Imthiyaz

What is vSphere with Tanzu?
Applications are becoming containerized, complex, and distributed which is making users move to the cloud or build new infrastructure. Run Kubernetes workloads using existing infrastructure, You can run and manage Kubernetes pods directly from vSphere.

Let’s assume the Workload Management is enabled on the vCenter, and the Tanzu license expires! what will happen to all the workloads? will you be still able to manage them? will you lose data?

Note: “None of the hosts connected to this vCenter are licensed for Workload Management.” this is a different issue that could be resolved sometime by just clearing the cache/cookie. To know more about it you can check vSphere with Tanzu Host Licensing error, This post is about expired WCP license.

WCP license expired!

Whenever the license expires any running workloads will not be impacted. Admins will still be able to manage and edit all the existing namespaces.

To check the license status

kubectl get kuberneteslicense -A

Let’s see a few actions which will be restricted to the user once the license runs out.

  • Deploy vSphere Pods
  • Upgrade TKG Clusters
  • Upgrade Supervisor Clusters
  • kubectl create/apply supervisor resources
  • kubectl apply tkc -f tkc.yaml

Even the respective APIs are restricted

Except for the GUI, the effects of the WCP license or vCenter/vSphere license expiring will result in the same, if the vSphere license expires WCP UI won’t be accessible.

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